mardi 25 février 2014


My mood set for the day,
I should comply and face everyone
Like nothing happened
But something happened
And i definitely can't get over it
With a wistle or a smile
I take a step back from everyone
One tear, maybe two
The day will pass as many others had
My throat hurts from the pain within
It won't come out here in public place
I try my best but feel like in prison
More and more, this is getting absurd
I just can't take it anymore

No worries all, my time has not yet come
I just feel out of place sometimes
I feel like i should run for dear life
From all this faked smiles and stupidness
I will soon, but not soon enough
I will find back the sun at its right place
In my heart and in yours
Spare me, give me some time to process
My love, my sweet love
Let me go away

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