samedi 26 juillet 2014

Coeur / Heart --- (traduction FR / ENG)

Compté à pas de loup
Décompté d'une lèvre amoureuse étonnante
Ce coeur ne laisse pas indifférent
L'amoureuse éternelle que je suis

Lassé d'être délaissé,
Lacéré de ses affaires sans appels
Le coeur trouble la raison intimement
Laissant nos âmes pantelantes d'amours illusionnés

Pourrais-tu pardonner une autre que moi
Ce battant de coeur en ton sein
Je l'ai trouvé sous des dehors charmants
Une lumière de la nuit en infinies déclinaisons

Il court vers je ne sais quoi
Délices délicates en devenir
Ce coeur souffre et lance un appel
Ce coeur ne laisse pas indifférent


Counted stealthily
Abducted from a surprising loving lip
This heart does not leave you unmoved
The eternal lover I am

Tired of being abandoned
Torn up by its love affairs without appeals
The heart confidentially disturbs the reason
Leaving our panting souls deluded of love

Could you forgive another than me
This fighting heart under your breast
I found it behind charming features
A night light in infinite declensions

It runs towards unknown places
Delights delicate blossoming
This heart suffers and issues an appeal
This heart does not leave you unmoved

vendredi 25 juillet 2014

Reclined / Couchée (traduction FR / ENG)

A feeling is taking over,
slightly dizzy for too much thinking
you haunted me in my dreams
I called hundred spells on you

A decade has gone
so old before anything happened
my skin has dried
and a single touch would melt it

Milking juices would reveal everything
waking up my need and feed
urgently, enjoying the sight of your thighs,
as I straddle you with dear life

Pouring youth on your manhood
I remember the longing
I remember the internal fight
Your wand was mine


Les sentiments reprennent le dessus
Vertigineux à trop penser
Vous avez hanté mes rêves
J'en ai appelé aux charmes anciens

Une décennie s'est envolée
Si vieille avant que quoi que ce soit ne soit arrivé
Ma peau a séchée
Et seul votre contact pût la fondre

Jouissante d'humidité révélée
Vous avez éveillé le désir et la faim
Laissez-moi aimer ce corps charnel
Comme je monte votre vit puissant

Déversant ma jeunesse sur votre virilité
Je me rappelle l'attente
Je me rappelle la lutte intérieure
Votre baguette magique m'appartenait

lundi 14 juillet 2014

6 words games (french - english)

apparemment mes lectures sentent le souffre!!
Une belle ivresse, sens emmêlé amoureusement

  • A beautiful inebriation, lovingly melted sense

Love poems written in 140 characters from twitter (translated French/Eng)

le mot à ne pas dire 
retenir la mine défaite 
une pause d'une vie délice en lice 
pour une violente touche 
un coeur si débordé d'A 

aucun mot n'accroche
délicieuse douleur de voir 
il sent, je sens, nous pensons mutuellement 
amour dit de mille façons 
peux-tu rester en nous

ange d'ennui délaissé
pâlit en comparaison 
sans raison gardée 
cette pluie lave mes pêchés 
empêche-les de m'emmener 
vers la sainteté!!

Translation to english or vice versa
a word to silence
keep in mind the defeated face
a pause in one life delice in tow
for a violent touch
one heart so flooded in L(ove)

Angel of left despair
uncolored in comparison
no reason kept
this rain wash away my sins
prevent them to take me
to sanctity!!

mardi 8 juillet 2014

Hassle for a follower

Ding ding
You are beautiful
You are a sweetie pie
Follow me, follow you

Ding dong
You didn't follow me like you should
Please I need to spy on your followers
Just to annoy them a little bit

Ding ding
But that's not working this way
In my world, being polite and sweet
is a pre-requisite

Ding Dong
Didn't you read my profile?
It says it all
You had all wrong, i zapped you!!

(mmhhh feels better!!
I really despise hassle!!
and i put a huge amount of confidence in the fact all my followers are sweet people!!
and i won't change!!)

jeudi 3 juillet 2014

twitter crazyness with a friend

Sensuality in emergency
A flying bird of love
You came around for more
A small cry and you frightened your love
Not knowing where bodies begin or ended
Your hand, now mine, oh such a bliss
No demise of such dereliction
This is my election
Hip hop for a pas-de-deux
Passionnata, mingling bodies
Craving for a touch
Your chemistry is mine
For a tango love
Leap for love and untangle me
I lose stance for a dance
No words needed
Hands play sweetly all night long
Points counted
what to expect but dance
little or no help
I lost sanity for a fallen heart
No coming back my love
New stance for a sentence
To love and more
Will i give it a try
For an amazing guy
We shall go on Picture this!

Lace challenge and additional poem (new)

Hi hi everyone, I was invited to participate to a challenge of poetry, and lucky as i am, i came to read wonderful poets there.

The only way to thank SJ is to make this special.

First of all, go there :
Just enjoy the beautiful words!!

Second, I may try an additional piece of writing on the same subject, for those who were kind enough to read till there and, also to be thankful towards SJ and all the poets who wrote kind comments on my text.

Delights for lace

Laces of joy, a venue for glistening thoughts
I was digging into the depth of your heart
and realized you were a stone in disguise
unmovable unbreakable unbelievable

I delighted into your eyes
Your words were my destruction
I moved you into submission
Undenying you any future

Laces of fate, an attraction you broke
For your safety, I let it go
One more kiss, and it was over
One moment of closeness, and I will forget you

My heart broken into laces
Will submit to your strength
I will let go the years
White hair and weakness my future

        When did I decide to let you go away with my laces?