dimanche 5 janvier 2014

A puppet-master (eng only)

This is my part of an exchange i had on twitter today on 05/01/2014 with a dear friend ;-)

A puppet-master will satiate her needs playfully
 tingling while pulling the strings,
  till puppet doll is purring loudly!

Kneel before your real master,
 the puppet takes seriously her role,
  she stole your strength with seriously wild manner!

Plucked by yr inner sense of manhood usage
 I feel desirable when facing the mirror
  picking up fancy under clothes to satisfy you!

Your marionette let it all go till completion
 New year eve has made her very compliant
  to your true desire!

I shall owe you my freedom,
 words cannot tell how much,
  gesture will compensate,
   untangled till i mingle.

You fed me with glow and purity,
 words flow freely within your embrace
  warm caress I steal from future times of need.
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