jeudi 30 avril 2015

Miscellaneous poetic tweets

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taking time, no pressure, blind to pain
blind to love, midst state, midst feelings
what's in there beside pain and struggle?
A box where i threw my thoughts
A little box of wonder when i was a little girl
A big box of pain, come the adult times
Would you consider dark and hollow
the moment you shared around wine and good food
transformed in a nightmare in a split second


A sweet bunny came into view
hop hop it's there, chocolate and fantasy
he coursed you around the table
eat me!

I need to stay away
no will, no whim
quiet in the fields
let the war inside subside
let the sun fill me with wonder
youth is anything

i denied my needs
i denied hers
let it go into the wind
war is inside for good
peace is adulthood
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