jeudi 30 avril 2015

#NaPoWriMo2015 day 6 my attempt and participation for my friend in poetry DebraDML

Read Debra first by clicking on this link, please!!

I produce here only my poem, because i didn't ask any authorisation to reproduce Debra poem in here (not because i don't want to!!! just because i add my own poems mostly here :)) plenty of hugs to Debra to have invited me. She is a bless of a friend. <3<3<3

Serenade me in the morning
Moaning moaning from morning to evening
Rhyme and rhythm are your prerogatives
Let’s give it a try for enchantment

There is some kind of magic
Your hands are tied to music
Your thoughts focussed on the dance
One foot after an another

You lose balance in your demands
Serenade me each morning
I got you under my spell
Rhythm is your name

Will has no power with me
Seemlessly shameless
I dig into your song
Serenade you all along

Serenade me through the evening
Never relenting on my needs
You know yours will be fulfilled
When the big L will hit home

Aubade is my second name
Warm till it burns
Undeniably wrong
Serenade was lost

Moaning moaning each day was heaven
But serenade got it all and threw away
The enchantment crossed my heart in shape
I let you go for better songs
© Sabsam (2015)

PS: i just realised i copied myself with another poem i wrote elsewhere... does it count as plagiarism? ;)

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