jeudi 30 avril 2015

March souvenir #PicturePromptChallenge By DebraDML wonderful souvenir!

This lady is a bless and if i hadn't already add a page for this (or if i did) please i bow and amend!
bless you, Debra! with all my love and appreciation.

#PicturePromptChallenge by Sabine



Enlightenment, enchantment, thin in the air
a tremor of whiteness, dazzlingly bright
Something sweet, whispering an ancient spell
the most adventurous would slacken their pace
One step over the threshold,
designed in bloody ink
One second of your life was a lifetime,
no redhooded little girl playing fancy games
Her recognition of danger was a mere thought,
she lost her mind and soul
A tremble against the wind of hate
she let it all go to reborn
Drag the man here little enchantress,
come over the threshold little temptress
Bring him over ecstasy with one single glance,
desire coursing along his way
Waking up from her dream
Venus delighted in the new scenery
An old charm was her spell
freed from the man she once loved
….. her chrysalid was her nightmare in a redhood.
© Sabine (2015)
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