jeudi 30 avril 2015

Sins disguised (#twitter 19/04/2015) - no comment

There is sin between her and me
She knows where to bite
She knows where to blow
I can't escape her spell
Never go unnoticed
She is my sis

At times I push her back
Too much to handle
She entices my questioning
Still there
She is my most precious friend
My sin undisguised

I never intended to go this low
I wonder at times if it is right
I smile and turn my back
She is there to make it high
Relief pours love

I still struggle at times
Her sin is bright and shining
Beautifully streamed
I love her and can't tell her
My nemesis in sin

How do I tell her I am in conflict?
When my instincts call for more sin
When my inner Angel calls for inferno?

I still have dark shades of love and thunder
Rolling like fears nag at my soul
Will it be too much to ask for a release
Wet and warm of a kind

How do I tell her?
Her sins are mine
I am in her spell for good
The spanking wouldn't be enough
To call back my inner Angel...
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