samedi 26 juillet 2014

Coeur / Heart --- (traduction FR / ENG)

Compté à pas de loup
Décompté d'une lèvre amoureuse étonnante
Ce coeur ne laisse pas indifférent
L'amoureuse éternelle que je suis

Lassé d'être délaissé,
Lacéré de ses affaires sans appels
Le coeur trouble la raison intimement
Laissant nos âmes pantelantes d'amours illusionnés

Pourrais-tu pardonner une autre que moi
Ce battant de coeur en ton sein
Je l'ai trouvé sous des dehors charmants
Une lumière de la nuit en infinies déclinaisons

Il court vers je ne sais quoi
Délices délicates en devenir
Ce coeur souffre et lance un appel
Ce coeur ne laisse pas indifférent


Counted stealthily
Abducted from a surprising loving lip
This heart does not leave you unmoved
The eternal lover I am

Tired of being abandoned
Torn up by its love affairs without appeals
The heart confidentially disturbs the reason
Leaving our panting souls deluded of love

Could you forgive another than me
This fighting heart under your breast
I found it behind charming features
A night light in infinite declensions

It runs towards unknown places
Delights delicate blossoming
This heart suffers and issues an appeal
This heart does not leave you unmoved

vendredi 25 juillet 2014

Reclined / Couchée (traduction FR / ENG)

A feeling is taking over,
slightly dizzy for too much thinking
you haunted me in my dreams
I called hundred spells on you

A decade has gone
so old before anything happened
my skin has dried
and a single touch would melt it

Milking juices would reveal everything
waking up my need and feed
urgently, enjoying the sight of your thighs,
as I straddle you with dear life

Pouring youth on your manhood
I remember the longing
I remember the internal fight
Your wand was mine


Les sentiments reprennent le dessus
Vertigineux à trop penser
Vous avez hanté mes rêves
J'en ai appelé aux charmes anciens

Une décennie s'est envolée
Si vieille avant que quoi que ce soit ne soit arrivé
Ma peau a séchée
Et seul votre contact pût la fondre

Jouissante d'humidité révélée
Vous avez éveillé le désir et la faim
Laissez-moi aimer ce corps charnel
Comme je monte votre vit puissant

Déversant ma jeunesse sur votre virilité
Je me rappelle l'attente
Je me rappelle la lutte intérieure
Votre baguette magique m'appartenait

lundi 14 juillet 2014

6 words games (french - english)

apparemment mes lectures sentent le souffre!!
Une belle ivresse, sens emmêlé amoureusement

  • A beautiful inebriation, lovingly melted sense

Love poems written in 140 characters from twitter (translated French/Eng)

le mot à ne pas dire 
retenir la mine défaite 
une pause d'une vie délice en lice 
pour une violente touche 
un coeur si débordé d'A 

aucun mot n'accroche
délicieuse douleur de voir 
il sent, je sens, nous pensons mutuellement 
amour dit de mille façons 
peux-tu rester en nous

ange d'ennui délaissé
pâlit en comparaison 
sans raison gardée 
cette pluie lave mes pêchés 
empêche-les de m'emmener 
vers la sainteté!!

Translation to english or vice versa
a word to silence
keep in mind the defeated face
a pause in one life delice in tow
for a violent touch
one heart so flooded in L(ove)

Angel of left despair
uncolored in comparison
no reason kept
this rain wash away my sins
prevent them to take me
to sanctity!!

mardi 8 juillet 2014

Hassle for a follower

Ding ding
You are beautiful
You are a sweetie pie
Follow me, follow you

Ding dong
You didn't follow me like you should
Please I need to spy on your followers
Just to annoy them a little bit

Ding ding
But that's not working this way
In my world, being polite and sweet
is a pre-requisite

Ding Dong
Didn't you read my profile?
It says it all
You had all wrong, i zapped you!!

(mmhhh feels better!!
I really despise hassle!!
and i put a huge amount of confidence in the fact all my followers are sweet people!!
and i won't change!!)

jeudi 3 juillet 2014

twitter crazyness with a friend

Sensuality in emergency
A flying bird of love
You came around for more
A small cry and you frightened your love
Not knowing where bodies begin or ended
Your hand, now mine, oh such a bliss
No demise of such dereliction
This is my election
Hip hop for a pas-de-deux
Passionnata, mingling bodies
Craving for a touch
Your chemistry is mine
For a tango love
Leap for love and untangle me
I lose stance for a dance
No words needed
Hands play sweetly all night long
Points counted
what to expect but dance
little or no help
I lost sanity for a fallen heart
No coming back my love
New stance for a sentence
To love and more
Will i give it a try
For an amazing guy
We shall go on Picture this!

Lace challenge and additional poem (new)

Hi hi everyone, I was invited to participate to a challenge of poetry, and lucky as i am, i came to read wonderful poets there.

The only way to thank SJ is to make this special.

First of all, go there :
Just enjoy the beautiful words!!

Second, I may try an additional piece of writing on the same subject, for those who were kind enough to read till there and, also to be thankful towards SJ and all the poets who wrote kind comments on my text.

Delights for lace

Laces of joy, a venue for glistening thoughts
I was digging into the depth of your heart
and realized you were a stone in disguise
unmovable unbreakable unbelievable

I delighted into your eyes
Your words were my destruction
I moved you into submission
Undenying you any future

Laces of fate, an attraction you broke
For your safety, I let it go
One more kiss, and it was over
One moment of closeness, and I will forget you

My heart broken into laces
Will submit to your strength
I will let go the years
White hair and weakness my future

        When did I decide to let you go away with my laces?

lundi 12 mai 2014

@playwithwords submited picture (twitter)

Here is my latest submission. This picture struck to the mind. Enjoy!

@playwithwords is one to follow!! thanks for sharing this.

samedi 3 mai 2014

County Meath, Ireland - poem

County Meath, Ireland

In the midst of ancient runes
Lonely as death goes a faint ghost
She called for love lost
Dangling over delightful stones
She missed him so deeply
She cared for nothing but getting to him

dimanche 20 avril 2014

Prompt #92: Three wishes? - wicked wednesday story - part 1

Again it's an old post of Marie website


Three wishes part 1:

I can only be grateful and work harder now. I pass my nights and days submiting to his numerous demands. I wait for him, pray for him to stop his games, but nothing works. I can't focus anymore at this point, I have to let go and surrender.

He is behind me and watches with great intensity what I am doing. I feel self conscious as always with him. And I can't help it, I grin madly because it's the only thing to do as he pleasures me so well.
His attention is my world, his nibbles are my life now.

What would I do to have just one more moment with him? Anything, anytime.
My mind processes the fact that he is still watching me and all I can do is bent my head and wait for him.

Touching him, waiting, craving, all this necessary steps in love I will never know...

Did I tell you where I was? No, of course not. My memory plays me tricks. Time is something strange. It doesn't help the minutes and hours counts by sixty, nothing can help it. This sand around me, I crave for water now, I crave for him like I crave for water. A thirst no one can understand except him, my sweet angel.

I made it to the cavern now, and crawl near the source, finally some water... a bottle of "witch", not the beautifullest, but as I brush its side, something happen, woosh! a small angel comes out and tells me "3 wishes for the lady, old as they are named, no time left, you should spill the wicked spell".

Surprised at first, I come to realise the childish song is made for me, something strange calls to my heart and guts and i make one attempt "will you get my love back?"

"Yes if it is your first wish, I gladly will offer that to you" woosh!!! Back in time, in his arms... purrs!

To be continued!

mardi 15 avril 2014

my blog and some kind of reflexions...

Hi hi,
I guess it's the right time to thank everyone and each of you for following me here.
I am amazed at the number of people reading me.
I am not into kink that much, but i like, once in a while, some nice sweet sexiness.
Some told me that i was naughty (and they are true friends to me... still! lol) but i don't really recognise myself as such. I did myself the reflexion that i loved not the so called "dirty" talk but, "sexy sweet sugar love talk" yes, no doubt!! I like that!!
Let me be (as you all know how to do it) and enjoy your time around here as much as i enjoyed writing.
I may even consider posting my stories here if you are really really sweet with me and leave me here nice comments. There are much appreciated, it helps me changes the ways I write and hopefully improve them.
So a huge huge thank you to all.

dimanche 13 avril 2014

Prompt #98 : Hunger (Wicked Wednesday) / Désir (perversion aimable) (traduction FR / ENG)

Prompt #98 : Hunger

Hunger, black and white sides,
Polishing our sins or our virtues,
No such thing as attractive as hunger may be for
Your skin, your eyes, your legs, your arms.

Hunger, my flame to sustain fantasy,
Delicious perversion of a kind soul,
I definitely want it never to end
Your plea, your guess, your wait, your come.

Hunger, my delight as a respectable woman,
Ludicrous claim at your expense,
I put it on the table haphazardly for you to
Take it lustful, shameless, finally, definitively.

For you, my sweet angel.


Désir, en noir et blanc,
Adouci nos péchés ou nos vertus,
Rien d'aussi séduisant que le désir de
Votre peau, vos yeux, votre corps.

Désir, ma flamme pour endurer le rêve,
Perversion délicieuse d'une âme douce,
Assurément, je ne veux pas que cela finisse
Vos attentes, votre ascension, votre ultime délivrance.

Désir, mon plaisir de femme respectable,
Réclamation risible à vos dépens,
Je l'ai mis sur la table, au petit bonheur, afin que vous
Le preniez enflammé, effronté, délivré, à jamais.


Hotel - wicked Wednesday post


Hotel of despair
Hotel of hope
Will you touch me with secrecy
Sweet thought of remembrance
Your hand glistened like a silk glove
I recall each brush, soft and beautiful
This hotel I pass by each day
Now engraved by our love making
A moan pictured on the walls
A nestle of disguised needs
Ultimate fake for a duet dance
                   Will you come for me?

For you.

(sorry for now, it's not the real link to the Wicked wednesday page, as i was too late to post!
my apologises to the owner of the website, i just added an external link out of respect to show where the theme came from, which was inspiring today. Thanks ;-))

lundi 24 mars 2014

Gentleman love

Gentleman love, desire,
floating in between your world and mine,
will you share a hand with me,
a brush of skin,
so sensitive to touch,
so special in my dreams.

I let them bare to you,
My sweet angel of delight
You are my suitcase when i travel,
A mark of ink deeply engraved in my heart,
Something essential, a hard breathe,
A precious life to my soul.

(i shared today a friendly message i received, but this, my angel, this, is my strong statement, my heart, bare on the table, love for all it means)

Translation from a sweet message i received today / Traduction d'un message que j'ai reçu aujourdhui

Bonjour à tous,

Un message rapide pour dire à quel point écrire me manque et ce blog aussi depuis quelques semaines!

Voici le message de toute beauté que j'ai reçu aujourd'hui et sa version anglaise ensuite.

Merci à Sheree - Thanks Sheree, i am deeply touched.


                                                  Aux amis que je n'ai jamais rencontré.
                                                              Mes amis en ligne

C'est étrange d'avoir un ami que vous n'avez jamais embrassé, serré la main ou que vous n'avez jamais regardé dans les yeux.

Mais vous avez été touché par leur âme, vu le bon dans leurs coeurs and ressenti la chaleur de leur être.

Les amis que je n'ai jamais rencontré ne sont pas d'inaccessibles amis, parce que je les ai sentis avec moi quand j'ai eu besoin d'eux. Je me suis confié à eux et ils sont les plus aimables (gentils dans la version anglaise) personnes qu'il m'ait été donné de connaître.

Mes Amis, n'oubliez jamais à quel point vous êtes spéciaux pour moi.

                                        A partager sans modération avec Vos Amis en ligne.

(Odette, ceci m'a touché plus que je ne saurai dire et moi qui d'habitude ne participe jamais à ce genre de chaîne, j'ai trouvé ça parfait, tellement parfait...)


vendredi 28 février 2014

Will you or not?

Decide what's best
Pondering options
Will i attempt this?
Can i afford to lose one more year?
You changed everything
I can't deny it
It's the only thing i know for sure
Though simple, these words, your words
are my heart and soul.
Please indulge in our love
Let it blossom for ever more
I know your needs
I know your feelings
One day, one week at least,
Come to me undone.

jeudi 27 février 2014

Plume de coeur / Plum by heart

  1. Une légère plume de coeur 
    Un amour de jeunesse s'envolant 
    Ce sein maudit qui réagit 
    Tu la touchas 
    Et d'amertume te saisit
    Pourras-tu laisser un cœur abandonné
    Dédire un délire d'amour à distance 
    Sans qu'il puisse se défendre
    Une certaine réalité préside à tes sens insensés
    Laisse-les mener une guerre de douceur et d'amour
    Laisse-les te toucher, seins éveillés à l'amour

Les limites incertaines / Uncertain limits

Il avançait en terrain découvert
pressant de limites incertaines
une jupe au volant expressif
dût-il forcer le trait
elle l'aimât
d'un doigt manifester un désir
pressant le cœur au-delà de la raison
veux-tu lasser ta plume au son de mon âme
laisser frissoner ma peau à l'aube de ta voix
mon bel ami, veux-tu désirer l'habit de soie
et laisser courir tes doigts?

écrit sur les évocations en images d'Athos @AthosLov sur twitter.


He went undisguised
Pressing uncertain limits
a skirt flying shamelessly high
was he forcing his chance
she loved him
a hand to show one desire
pushing heart above all reason
do you want to bore your plum to the sound of my soul
let my skin tremble awaken by your voice
my sweet friend, can you desire the silk robe
and let your fingers bless me?

written on beautiful images on twitter by @Athoslov, I counsel everyone to follow!

Pleasure is my prison / Le plaisir est ma prison

Pleasure is my prison
Being addicted to love is my room 
No space is big enough to show everyone 
Love has taken it all in a circle of heart

I had the image of a round shaped heart 
Beating beating so fastly 
I wondered what made it beat so fast 
Love was adorning it with lust

Le plaisir est ma prison
Etre accroc à l'amour est ma chambre
Pas de place assez grande pour le montrer à tous
L'amour a tout pris dans le cercle de mon coeur

J'avais cette image d'un coeur rond et chaud
Battant la mesure à pas rapide
J'ai demandé ce qui le faisait cogner si fort
L'amour se parât de désir fou

mardi 25 février 2014


My mood set for the day,
I should comply and face everyone
Like nothing happened
But something happened
And i definitely can't get over it
With a wistle or a smile
I take a step back from everyone
One tear, maybe two
The day will pass as many others had
My throat hurts from the pain within
It won't come out here in public place
I try my best but feel like in prison
More and more, this is getting absurd
I just can't take it anymore

No worries all, my time has not yet come
I just feel out of place sometimes
I feel like i should run for dear life
From all this faked smiles and stupidness
I will soon, but not soon enough
I will find back the sun at its right place
In my heart and in yours
Spare me, give me some time to process
My love, my sweet love
Let me go away

samedi 22 février 2014

Alanguissement / Languisement (translated 25/02)

Si tes soins froissent mes sentiments
déplies tes ailes sans repli stratégique
ma jupe sera volante allègrement

Imaginer un délice
glissant de ta peau à mes doigts
laisser ce jour mon âme à ses rêves
la clef des sens dilettante sur un lit

Elle était primitive
sans dessus dessous
ne souhaitant que luxure et volupté
magnifique fleur de mes rêves

Délicieuse vie qui autorise ou non l'interdit
une âme délicate laisse courir
tes mains librement sur mon corps alangui
douce nuit


If your care wrinkle my feelings
unfold your wings without strategic withdrawal
my skirt will be flying happily

Imagine such delight
sliding from your skin to my fingers
to leave my soul in his dreams
the key to her
dilettante senses on a bed

She was primitive
upside down

only wishing for lust and pleasure
beautiful flower of my dreams

Delicious life which authorizes or prohibits
a delicate soul let run
your free hands on my
languid body
sweet night

My sweet angel, i am thinking of you

  1. Delirium of my thoughts 
    You being invaded by my dreams 
    Coming to you a day of happiness 
    My angel desired and desirable
    A so sweet mind

  2. Délires de mes pensées 
    Te laisser envahir par mes rêves 
    Venir à toi un jour de bonheur
    Mon ange désiré et désirable 
    Une si belle âme


In this "prison without bars" (Lisa Fulham title book)

A man tries the ultimate escape, 

a prison with no names, 

the ultimate fantasy, 

no childhood, 

no future, 

any minutes he will try his damned fall, 

within hands mastering his thoughts, 

lights extinguished definitively. 

No one will contemplate his fall, 

no one will back him up. 

He is there because of life, 

he is there because of bullies, 

no one called.

Une suite baroque... / A baroque suite... (translated 25/02)

Une suite baroque, rythme endiablé sur ta peau,

Peux-tu réellement faire face à ce torrent d'amour ? 

La belle sera déchue de ses droits, choquante à l'excès, 

Une divine comédie de l'encens, 

Brume et brouillard de tes sens enfiévrés ! 

Le jazz et la java se disputent

Une réédition de ta couleur de peau, 

Belle à se damner, 

Tu la laisses voler ton cœur, ton âme, 

Infiniment, définitivement !



A baroque suite, frenzied pace on your skin,
Can you really deal with this torrent of love?
The beauty will forfeit her rights, offensive to the extreme,
A divine comedy of incense,
Mist and fog for your feverish senses!
Jazz and java compete
For a reissue of your color skin,
Beautiful to die,
You let her steal your heart, your soul,
Infinitely, definitely!


samedi 15 février 2014

Love me there

Love me
Love go there
Love me there
Don't go there
A drabble for a puzzle
Enigma this man is
Distilling his sweet crave
His caress called there
No puzzle can complete the game
As was left the last hole
A sweet entering
For an amazing encounter
He prodes gently the mounds
Circles of fire deliciously enhanced
Will he go there?
Oh sigh, maybe there?
Oh lord my angel,
You own my soul and my future
Into your skillful hands
Open me to new sensations
Never stop till I screen my moans out loud
You may show them on theaters
I have nothing to hide
Trust my artistic play modes
I can't go anywhere
You are the master of my senses

3 words game : urn, feet, explosion

Another game, for my delight, and his :

Urn, feet, explosion

Whatever the urn, it will be his defeat, a love, sealed for ever, ends his libation of sweetness.

Feet to feet, he knew the urn had to be flower filled. No wonders could get him out, his feet refused to move. The urn was still in his hands.

She subtly blew a sigh in his neck, closing the gap before the explosion, her desire expressed itself in her bites, the urn left his hands and crashed down loudly... revealing a puddle of feelings all in flower style... the very same feelings, he hide to her for too long now.


Changing sensations
Floating in mid waves
She was a bundle of emotions
Knowing full well the consequences
She learned the news almost like a ghost
Explored through this new web of darkness
But nothing could prepare her for the final straw
A desire she hadn't expressed
Finally revealed impossible
Probably for years
Too late before any reality
Such thing to learn on Valentines'day
No friend, no love can ease the stab
As she learned her blood wouldn't run
Into any other life being
The time bleed its click clock
No way she finds remedies
Unless giving up her very life

mardi 11 février 2014

A 3 words game : Frame, garden and hook

3 Words were choosen for me : Frame, garden and hook
and the 3 sentences condition turned out to be a little more than that ;-)

A frame of love diverted me from my boredom,
A soul behind who was my secret garden,
Lead me to the ultimate hook,
Shook, shook,
There was no escaping,
Only revamping, a vampire could love.
The frame enclosed me in past story,
Without warning, he loved me bones and heart,
Bloodlust of the instant.

xx ;-)

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy
Climbing your thoughts
Delicious treat of death
Will has no meaning
She will take you up a scale of unique understanding
Lay you in a daze of plea
You won't know before you beg for more
Your life is just beginning
A fuel for death gives all its sense
Poison Ivy stole it from you
One step back
You fall free
Darkness is your last ennemy

xx ;-)

vendredi 31 janvier 2014

Pieces and love (twitter)

Will never fade till consumption
Will gives me strength over drunken needs
Will empowers me with words and insights
Will kicks ass,mine too

Dominant needs, no better saying
Will it work for the good
Or take me down to despair?
No choice but to leave it
To trompets of joy or dark

Fading memories, fading friends,
It comes to an end without warning,
No suppliers, no definitive words,
An overwhelming absence to cry over.

Were you there for me,
On some lonely world,
We were there in the heat of the moment,
Nothing more than a wish of vanity.

Dominant thoughts vanishing into wine oblivion,
Will you take me down and bent,
My will is there in your laps,
No meaning is worth a lie.

Blissful domination, adoration,
Delicate intriguing delice of blows,
Soft red marks of love,
Sin is getting the best of me.

Delightful virgin, she let him,
Chaos of thrills and cries,
Haphazardly melted in a charm of bliss,
Handing delights of definitive knots.

Lies living up to my expectations,
I was waiting for the big void,
Your absence has such meaning,
I am not waiting anymore,
New friends came.

Fairy thoughts of friends vanishing,
Others taking their places,
Sources of desire lost,
I surrender to new worlds of joy.

samedi 25 janvier 2014

Old story

how does it come silence becomes unbearable noise?
how does it come noise becomes impossible choice?
one thought of undone desire, a mess in our life,
a longing for attention, exclusive to others,
an ultimate call before the end.
nothing can happen when chemistry is only in words
a so called lust for rhymes hurting so much
bare in your hands, like never in others,
time to move over has come,
I give you back to the unknown history
no fight, no commiseration,
love is long gone,
twenty years with an obsession
your skin under my thumb
did you ever meant any love
or interest only was your guide?
this scheme seems overplayed
but then a constant in my life
misery over longing
past phantoms of my pride
I dare you now to come and sank
your heart is mine
everlasting perfection
in eternity you are drowned
I forget now your name
and let you go into oblivion.

mercredi 22 janvier 2014

Dark feelings

Beaming as it is
He got her from start
A shot of pleasure in words
Sweet delights lost
In false hopes and day dreams

Day dreams she hoped to forget
In a daze of romantic feelings
In the arms of a willing nobody
A flash of indignity
Her prospect for his need

His need always coming first
She knew from start to be defeated
No turning back possible
As he selfishly blew her heart into million pieces

These precious pieces she cared for
Remainings of a past only she could understand
Delving into them when needed
To renew her vow of darkness

Somber darker needs she had to revive
To be able to create all new feelings
Despair her best guide to the unknown
Dealing with her past and present loves

samedi 18 janvier 2014

La môme / The Kid

Special note :
I just realise it will be the last of my old poems i will be able to share, i think i throw everything else to the bin! :-(
Je viens de réaliser que j'ai jeté l'intégralité de mes poèmes sous format papier à la poubelle!


La môme que vous connaissiez,
A connu les chemins d’une vie faites de délicats larcins.
Passant par la bretelle,
Vous avez vu tout ce que vous vouliez d’elle,
Sans ailes, délaissée dans le ravin,
Ses souvenirs foulés par le destin…

Sa vie passée à compter les chiffres de sa déchéance,
Soir après soir, vous l’avez sommée de reculer
Devant la noirceur de vos desseins assassins.

La môme que vous connaissiez,
Vivait du doux rêve d’un ticket gagnant,
Appelée affectueusement de dix milles noms,
Différents à chaque fois qu’elle disait non,
Et voulait la loterie aux trois couleurs d’un pays,
Le passeport de ces dix ans de vie sans lendemains ni dédits.

Sa vie lassée des enchères de vos désirs malins,
Soir après soir, par vos âmes égarés,
Vous l’avez acculée à pas de chance…

La môme que vous connaissiez
Est partie dans un murmure, tracé sur son bras en grand,
Ligne de vie oubliée pour qui n’a plus la donne…
Mi-ange, mi-démon, vous êtes partis d’une vie atone
Dépassés par la fragile étincelle de son expérience,
Consumée pour avoir voulu tout vivre.

La môme que vous connaissiez…


The kid you knew,
has wandered the paths of life made by delicate thefts.
Passing by the strap,
You saw all you wanted from her,
No left wings, abandoned in a ravine,
Her memories fooled by fate…

Her life spent counting figures of her forfeiture,
Night after night, you summoned her to move back
From the blackness of your deadly intentions.

The kid you knew,
Lived within a soft dream of a winning ticket,
Affectionately called by ten thousands names,
Different each time she said no,
And wanted the lottery in three colors of a country,
The passport of these ten years of life with no tomorrow nor revocations.

Her life tired by the bids of your cunning desires,
Night after night, by your misled souls,
You forced her to step out of any chance…

The kid you knew
Left in a rustle, drawn on her arm in giant letters,
Forgotten life line for those with nothing more to gambler…
Part time angel, part time devil, you left from an apathetic life
Overtaken by the fragile spark of her experience,
Consumed by the ultimate need to live everything.

The kid you knew…

Le serpent des rivières et des fleuves / The snake of slow torrents and rivers

Je suis le serpent des rivières et des fleuves
Je suis sur la pente des rives humides
Je suis sur la piste des fauves affamés
Avoir quitté ma tanière
Sur une odeur passagère
Femelle assoiffée de sang, déveine délaissée

Je suis le serpent des rivières et des fleuves
Je suis la serre des âmes ignorées
Je suis la terre des corps désirés.
Peut-être quelque poulet ou faisan égaré,
Viendra-t-il s’oublier entre mes serres acérées ?
Peut-être pourrais-je savourer leur chair aimée…

Je suis le serpent des rivières et des fleuves
Je suis, au gré des courants, vert ou bleu
Je suis la fuite des filets aux fonds sans fin…
Voyager, ne voir que la terre argileuse
Ou se cogner à la pierre des chemins domestiqués
Laisser une écaille flotter et miroiter au soleil,

Je suis le serpent des songes, des mensonges
Je suis langueur et longueur,
Je suis le serpent-oiseau des rivières et des fleuves…
                            libre enfin.


I am the snake of slow torrents and rivers
I am on the slope of wet banks
I am on the track of starving fawns
Having left my den
On a fugitive perfume
Female thirsty for blood, abandoned bad luck

I am the snake of slow torrents and rivers
I am the greenhouse of unknown souls
I am the ground of desired bodies.
Maybe some chicken or misled pheasant,
Will forget itself between my sharp claws?
Maybe I could savor their tasty flesh…

I am the snake of slow torrents and rivers
I am, following the stream, green or blue
I am the leak of nets in endless depths…
Travelling, only searching for the clay soil
Or banging in the stone of domesticated paths
Letting a scale float and glitter into the sun,

I am the snake of dreams and lies
I am slowness and length,
I am the snakebird of rivers and skies…
                        free at last.


Sally sadly so defended herself,
Violently shaking her heart,
There was no mistake,
He won the battle.
He couldn't deny her the will,
She packed herself for good measure,
One coup on the top,
Her heart breathed again in his embrace!
Lovely bytes in enclosed glass
So little space for kisses and embrace
Tempting vapourous alcohol
Drowned into surrender of love
Sally never thought an innocent play
Would lead her heart to such treasure
Delivering dilluted thoughts
Over played sanity
The wind blew over her
She let the morning polarize
No polar weather could defeat her resolve
Sally knew what was best for her
Like a sense of déjà-vu
Sally waited till the last moment
Not knowing what future had in store
Buying her a story of dreams and tales

PS it can be read as miscellaneous text or as a unique one, i guess, all published on twitter.

vendredi 17 janvier 2014

Une pente, une fente / A slope, a crack

Une pente, une fente, baiser de l’infini
Ou pore exsudant mille pensées à faire,
Une pente glissante, un dessous de lit
Une fente amante, entrée du serpent de mer…
Racoler les mots, les toucher d’ambiguïté,
Du sang, trouble à vomir,
Garder en toute impunité,
La fente dessinée.
A chaque va-et-vient on retourne,
Là où la pente est figée, la fente en larmes.
Délaissant cet angle, vue lascive et repentir,
De maux lourds de sens, laissez-vous emporter.

Une pente, une fente, dessert sans amertume
On le retrouve à la une, on le hume,
Une pente glissante, amour préjugé,
Une fente amante, guerre terminée…
Que l’on retrouve une pente dans l’histoire,
C’est l’Histoire qui fait la fente.
Une humeur lascive s’empare du plus pur dessein
Devenant mort de l’âme dans l’art, d’instinct…
Il n’y a plus de rime, passive Ariane tu vis sur le fil,
L’histoire décousue a perdue son fil…

Sur une pente amère
Ou une fente amène,
Peu importe la cause
C’est toujours de la prose…

(Pente et fente sont consanguines…).

14/09/93 et 28/03/01

A slope, a crack, kiss of infinity
Or pore exuding one thousand thoughts to be made,
A slippery slope, a bottom of bed
A mistress' crack, entered by an awe-inspiring spectre…
Tout for the words, touch them with ambiguity,
Some blood, shady to vomit,
Guard with complete impunity,
Thee drawn crack.
With every comings and goings we return,
Where the slope is congealed, the crack in tears.
Abandoning this angle, lascivious sight and to regret,
From heavy troubles full of sense, allow yourself to be taken.

A slope, a crack, dessert without bitterness
We find it on the front page, we smell it,
A slippery slope, prejudged love,
A mistress' crack, ended war…
Which we find, a slope in the story,
It's History which makes the crack.
A lascivious humor seizes the purest intention
Becoming the dead of an art soul, by instinct…
There is no rhyme anymore, passive Ariane, you lived on a thread,
The story, disconnected, lost its thread…

On a bitter slope
Or an affable crack,
No matter the cause
It's always prose…

(Slope and crack are bloody geminies)

Butterfly / Papillon

Tout murmure de sensibilité trouvera ici un cœur,
« La solitude plaît aux incertains »,
Que de solitudes pour une seule âme !
Que de peurs pour un seul cœur !
Des mots non-dits, j’ai hâte de les voir imprimés
Mais peur aussi de les casser…
Errant de l’une à l’autre idée,
Sans savoir laquelle dévoyer,
Je les présenterai comme confiseries douces-amères,
Oubli momentané ou porte condamnée…
« Carpe diem » à jamais…

Un fil nous lie à des idées, à un passé,
Électrique dans l’instant
Sans artifices, ni contingences,
Un interrupteur coupe la course des étoiles,
Les myriades étincelantes,
Les mires de l’orgueil,
Orgueil du mâle qui croit
Et veut connaître l’unité,
Cet espace non délimité,
Ramené à une cage,
Ramené à une âme…

Tu ne connaîtras pas la fin…
Mourir à l’aube du jour naissant…
Comme un papillon se pose et ferme ses ailes…

15/09/93 – 8/05/95 et 28/03/01

Any rustle of sensibility will find here a heart,
"Solitude please the uncertain",
Too much solitude for a single soul!
Too much fears for a single heart!
Words unspoken, I look forward to seeing them printed
But fear also to break them …
Wandering from one to another idea,
Not knowing which one leads me astray,
I shall present them as bittersweet candies,
Momentary oversight or condemned door
"Carpe diem" for ever …

A thread binds us to ideas, from the past,
Electrifying the instant
Without subtleties, nor contingencies,
A switch cuts the course of stars,
The glittering myriads,
The almighty sensation of the pride,
Pride of the male which believes
And wants to know unity,
This space never bounded,
Returned to a cage,
Returned to a soul…

You will not know the end…
Die at the dawn of the rising day…
As one butterfly lands and closes its wings.

dimanche 12 janvier 2014

Je chéris une pierre qui luit dans la nuit / I love a stone gleaming at nights

Je chéris une pierre qui luit dans la nuit
Pour moi, elle exhale mille douceurs,
Elle fait oublier le temps qui s’enfuit,
M’entoure de quelques instants de bonheur.
Obsidienne obsédante de mes rêves
Elle brille, noire, sous la caresse de la lune
Aube naissante, elle se glisse sans trêve
Sur l’oreiller, dans mon sommeil,
A terre, à mon réveil.
Je chéris une pierre qui luit dans la nuit
Pour moi marquée de mille désirs,
Elle enivre l’attente
Elle délivre parfums et senteurs
Voyage de satin et d’ambre,
Au plus prés de la douceur de ma peau.
Piquetée d’étoiles, de gouttes d’eau,
Elle échappe à la vue de tous,
Septième ciel souriant des nues,
Je chéris une pierre qui luit dans la nuit.


I love a stone gleaming at nights
For me, she exhales thousands sweetnesses,
She brings oblivion of time running away,
Surrounds me with a few moments of happiness.
Obsessing obsidian in my dreams
She shines, black, under the moon caress
Rising dawn, she skips unceasingly
On the pillow, in my sleep,
On the ground, during my awakening.
I love a stone gleaming at nights
To me, marked with thousand desires,
She makes me drunk with expectation
She delivers perfumes and scents
Journey of satin and amber,
So close to the silkness of my skin.
Staked out by stars, drops of water,
She escapes from everyone's view,
Seventh skies of blissful starlights,
I love a stone gleaming at nights.

Mayfly light overdue

(this one Sherlocked, you've been warned!)

Mayfly substitute of love and kindness,
Pouring debilitant faith in unity,
This man broke the law of fair amusement,
And i miss him more than i thought possible,
Mayfly till no more games,
Will it work for me to give it a try again?
This little heart of mine likes nice play.
My secret sherlocked reviewer got me wrong,
One warm sigh, another, bliss, i moan for him again.

Lights of desire

I made a vow with damned darkness,
A precious pain to go forward,
Put the words into precious packages,
A golden tie to shine all through,
I sent it to you as a reminder,
My own expectations gone lower and lower,
A light push of desire bubbling inside,
Made it all explode as a clock of warmness,
No definition for this ultimate freedom,
As the time goes and engulf my last breath.


samedi 11 janvier 2014

Light or dark feary feast

Will he surrender to lust?
I have this demand of romance
Why is it so impossible to fulfill for one man?
I have this crave of gentleness
Would it be selfish to make our life as one?
I can't be the one as it comes
Why would i be out of all the funny games?
Freedom for me is something i hate at times

Hiding in the darkest place

Not everything can ease my mind tonight,
Dark shadows play in my ground,
New year eve so promising,
Fun in my own little world,
I forgot how life would get it back at me,
A coup at my little heart,
Beating fast towards its end,
No fate secluded in my life,
Even the little selfish games denied,
Disappointment in all its glory.

Red pants

Red as silly little pants,
Adorned with laces of thoughts and unselfishness,
You will attract him for less,
A gentle breeze over my ass,
A spank not wanted,
Craved till completion,
Given without compromission,
My heart is spinning with love and understanding,
No one will ever take him in charge,
Forever more, forever closed.


Special reviewer

I lost it to my special reviewer,
fun thrust till it was no more a game,
he dived into motion to satisfy me,
three, four times, a hype in power and lust,
was it me, a romantic as ever,
was it him, a player i don't give a damn,
a bitter thought i try to make mine,
such plays aren't for me, definitely,
from now on ended, like a sting to my skin,
i want to cry and i don't even know him,
how can i be so stupid and shameless
to let myself dive into sorrow,
one tear drop, maybe two and i will forget you,
maybe one more...


vendredi 10 janvier 2014

Time to time / Du temps au temps

J’ai laissé au temps du temps pour s’échapper
J’ai quitté tout ce fatras de choses matérielles qui épuisent
J’ai laissé le temps s’envoler vers des cieux plus cléments
J’ai quitté le froid de ma vie,
L’alizé a transi mes préjugés
J’ai transigé pour la chaleur de son âme
Laissant courir mes doigts sur les notes de sa peau
J’ai senti les fleurs se pâmer
Devant le charme des parfums d’autrefois
Cette vie qui ne vous quitte pas
Submergée de toutes les sensations de l’amour
Les couleurs des corolles qui ne fanent jamais
Je laisse le temps s’envoler si prés des cieux
Que parfois tu t’y brûles les ailes
Aucune fierté n’est feinte
Le soleil me donne la force de voir
Si tu cours derrière moi
Si tu viens après moi
Mais, au fond, je ne sais pas
Qui de toi ou moi verra la fin de tout cela…
J’ai transigé pour la chaleur de ton âme
Mes mains tremblent quand je te sais proche, si proche…
Tu touches à ma peau par des douceurs oubliées
Tu glisses sur ma vie par des chemins désirés
Du charme tu délaisses le superficiel
T’attachant à rester mon cœur amant et fidèle.


I gave up time to time till he escapes
I gave up all this jumble of material things which exhausts
I gave up time to fly away towards more clement heavens
I gave up the cold in my life,
The trade wind numbed my prejudices
I compromised myself for his soul heat
Letting roam my wistful fingers over the notes of his skin
I felt flowers were swooning
In front of the formerly charm of perfume
This life which doesn't leave you
Submerged by sensations of love
Colors of corollas, never fading
I gave up time to fly away closer to heavens
And sometimes you burn your wings to it
No pride is feigned
The sun gives me strength to see
If you run behind me
If you come after me
But, in fact, I don't know
Who, from you or me, will see the end of all this
I compromised myself for your soul heat
My hands tremble when I know you close, so close
You touch my skin by forgotten sweetnesses
You slide on my life by wished ways
Of charm, you abandon the superficial
Remaining my heart of love and my believer

Sables mouvants / Moving sands

Oubli, désespoir fracassant,
assourdie la pensée de mon amour,
aux vents brûlés, les témoignages indécents,
sables mouvants, émouvants distillés
lourd le cœur, las d'être enfermé
Dans les jeux d'un autre, en aveugle consentie,
consentante pour sa propre perte.

Brûlée à l'amour,
je n'ai jamais regardé de l'autre côté,
une pierre de tristesse échouée,
se laisser choir pour y croire,
un égo, en échos démesurés,
nous amène à faire pleuvoir
la culpabilité de notre inaction
sur l'autre, en contrefaçon.
si de facilités en futilités,
vous êtes tombés,
bien malheureuse en sera la chute,
bien que prévisible elle fût.


Oblivion, staggering despair,
Dimmed the thought of my love,
Through burned winds, indecent testimonies,
unstable sands, moving distilled
Heavy heart, tired to be locked
In the games of another, blind granted,
Willing for his own fate.

Burned by love,
I've never looked on the other side,
a stone of grounded sadness,
being allowed to fall to believe,
an ego, in disproportionate echos,
brings us to make rain
culpability for our inaction
on others, with forgery.
If from facilities to futilities,
you fell into,
sad will be the fate,
though aknowledgable she was.

Voice of silence

Voice of silence,
i heard you calling me,
Special to the deaf,
no heart feelings allowed.
Essential for the lier,
twisted tongue from start,
the voice was lost into oblivion.

Voice of silence,
will you keep me from misunderstanding
or will you try to knock me down?
hearts forget why and when
love was at their door,
what they did,
turning their back to him.

mercredi 8 janvier 2014



Sadly so, people come and go,
life is cruel sometimes,
just another shot at your heart,
a flower is gone too soon.

Stilled in silence, i am unable to understand
which way goes my world,
words are made of confession,
thoughts selfishly thrown at one's another face.

Deeply so, it goes wild and uncaring,
quantified and limited in time,
search for the ultimate,
an expected end of pleasure.

This is not that i am gentle or naive,
this is not a demand for the impossible,
this is not a desire expressed for free,
a flower is gone too soon.

dimanche 5 janvier 2014

My last wicked wednesday game! A paint job!

Link to the website:
(list all the new entries)

Hi I participated today at this challenge called "a paint job", it was fun for me at least and i hope you will enjoy.

A new paint job,
my crackled surface cackled from hit
feeling despair covered by it
without even a blob

Will you get me laid
under the color of your dreams?
will you let the old maid
play with her teen toys off means?

Surely she got me flooding the oil
to mingle with her juices
easy on the foil
metallic scratch on my pieces

Finally the last straw
will get her in awe,
for she accessed so easily
my folds and contours sheepishly!

A puppet-master (eng only)

This is my part of an exchange i had on twitter today on 05/01/2014 with a dear friend ;-)

A puppet-master will satiate her needs playfully
 tingling while pulling the strings,
  till puppet doll is purring loudly!

Kneel before your real master,
 the puppet takes seriously her role,
  she stole your strength with seriously wild manner!

Plucked by yr inner sense of manhood usage
 I feel desirable when facing the mirror
  picking up fancy under clothes to satisfy you!

Your marionette let it all go till completion
 New year eve has made her very compliant
  to your true desire!

I shall owe you my freedom,
 words cannot tell how much,
  gesture will compensate,
   untangled till i mingle.

You fed me with glow and purity,
 words flow freely within your embrace
  warm caress I steal from future times of need.

Vertigo (eng only)

Vertigo, i would trade for love,
Stability, i would get it done,
Strength, will it be one to share?
Virtuality, will it be a second home?

Vertigo in one sentence
A fate for my senses
A bless for my believes
Will he indulge and seduce me for more?

Vertigo behind a curtain of lace and jealousy,
Wondering what he is doing
Will he come and play me as a doll
Behind the curtain of love?

Vertigo, vestige of power,
Position of release, soft brush,
Pliant mind to receive
Virtual donation of juices.

samedi 4 janvier 2014

Quand ton image me poursuit / When your visage haunts me

Quand ton image me poursuit,
Mauvais rêve : mi-dieu, mi-homme
J’imagine encore le son de ta voix
Je la recrée partout en moi.

Chaque sourire, chaque moment,
Comme autant de phares immobiles
C’est à peine si je peux penser
Ce que sera demain sans témoins,
Ta présence à mes côtés,
Je ne demande rien de moins,
Chaque sourire, chaque regard aimant,
Comme autant de non-dits fragiles.

Quand ton image me poursuit…

Des morceaux d’histoires
Qu’on se raconte à demi-mots
Comme s’ils n’existaient pas,
N’avaient pas de place dans nos cœurs.

Des morceaux d’histoires
Des lambeaux de chaleur
Qu’on se colle à la peau
Comme autant d’oublis de la réalité fatale.

Ce sont ces petits mots, donnés à ta vie
Glissés dans la maison, dans ton sommeil
Ce sont ces désirables maux, donnés à ma vie
Mangés sans raison gardée, doux comme le miel…

Déchirés pour mieux les partager…

Soulagement d’amour et d’ombre
Source de lumière et de peine
Soit là demain pour acquitter enfin…
La dette et le dessein.

Ton nom, en conscience, à peine effleure
Laisse le cœur enflammé…
Que ne laisses-tu ton prénom
Toucher le cœur sans affront ?

Soulagement d’amour et d’ombre
Telle est la volonté d’un cœur sombre
Soit là demain, pour acquitter enfin…
La dette et le dessein.

Quand ton image me poursuit…
Déchirée pour mieux la partager…
Amour… guide-le vers son destin…
Destinée cruelle qui ne voit pas ma fin…

sept-93 et mars-2001

When your visage haunts me,
Bad dream: half-god, half-man
I imagine again the sound of your voice
I replay it all over me.

Each smile, each moment,
Looking like still headlights,
If only I could think of
What tomorrow will be without witnesses,
You by my side,
I ask for nothing less,
Each smile, each loving gaze,
Like fragile moments unsaid.

When your visage haunts me...

Pieces of stories
We tell each other almost silently
As if they did not exist,
And had no place in our hearts.

Pieces of stories
Shreds of heat
That sticks to the skin
Like oblivion to a fatal reality.

These are little words, given to your life
Swiped through the house, in your dreams,
These are desirable pains, given to my life
Eaten, no kept reason, sweet as honey...

Torn to share them at best...

Relief by love and shadow
Source of light and sorrow
Be there tomorrow to pay finally...
Debt and intention.

Your name, consciously, barely brushes
Let your heart burning...
Why don't you leave it
Touch the core without indignity?

Relief by love and shadow
Such is the will of a somber heart,
Be there tomorrow to pay finally,
Debt and intention.

When your visage haunts me
Torn to share her at best,
Love... guide him to his destiny,
Cruel destiny, which doesn't see my end.

mercredi 1 janvier 2014

Hébétée par les longues années d'amitié / Dulled by long years of friendship

Hébétée par les longues années d'amitié
Il y a des trous dans ma mémoire
Des gens qu’il vaut mieux oublier
Des … que la force guide vers l’inconscience,
Des … que la force libère des mauvais moments.

Hébétée par le temps qui court
La pensée bascule vers ceux qu’on aime
Vers ceux qu’on n’oublie pas
Quels que soient la fatigue ou l’amour
Dont on s’entoure pour ne pas penser…

A la peur de tout perdre
Je joins la crainte de ne pas le rencontrer
De ne pas savoir y croire
De ne pas valoir la peine de me noyer dans son cœur.

Hébétée par le temps qui court
Je me retourne sur des idées,
Mes idoles en fumée,
Quel que soit le plaisir de désirer
Je me retrouve sur des planches d’idées noires.

Hébétée par les longues années d'amitié
Pour cet homme rencontré au lycée
Je guette mes instants de volonté
Pour retrouver ma liberté,
Assassinée pour un cœur lié…

3/10/93 et 28/03/01

Dulled by long years of friendship
There are blanks in my memory
People it's better to forget
Some, strength guides towards unconsciousness
Some, strength releases from tough moments

Dulled by long running days
My thoughts drift towards those we love
And ones we will never forget
Whatever the feeling of tiredness or love
We numbly surround ourselves

With fear to lose everything
My way may never come accross his
Have enough strength to believe in it
And be worth drowning myself in his heart

Dulled by long running years
I turn around flooted ideas
My idols, vanishing smokes
Whatever the feeling of desire
I find myself on dark sides of thoughts

Dulled by long years of friendship
For this man met in high school
I look for moments of strength
To find my freedom
Dead for a bound heart