mardi 15 avril 2014

my blog and some kind of reflexions...

Hi hi,
I guess it's the right time to thank everyone and each of you for following me here.
I am amazed at the number of people reading me.
I am not into kink that much, but i like, once in a while, some nice sweet sexiness.
Some told me that i was naughty (and they are true friends to me... still! lol) but i don't really recognise myself as such. I did myself the reflexion that i loved not the so called "dirty" talk but, "sexy sweet sugar love talk" yes, no doubt!! I like that!!
Let me be (as you all know how to do it) and enjoy your time around here as much as i enjoyed writing.
I may even consider posting my stories here if you are really really sweet with me and leave me here nice comments. There are much appreciated, it helps me changes the ways I write and hopefully improve them.
So a huge huge thank you to all.
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