dimanche 20 avril 2014

Prompt #92: Three wishes? - wicked wednesday story - part 1

Again it's an old post of Marie website


Three wishes part 1:

I can only be grateful and work harder now. I pass my nights and days submiting to his numerous demands. I wait for him, pray for him to stop his games, but nothing works. I can't focus anymore at this point, I have to let go and surrender.

He is behind me and watches with great intensity what I am doing. I feel self conscious as always with him. And I can't help it, I grin madly because it's the only thing to do as he pleasures me so well.
His attention is my world, his nibbles are my life now.

What would I do to have just one more moment with him? Anything, anytime.
My mind processes the fact that he is still watching me and all I can do is bent my head and wait for him.

Touching him, waiting, craving, all this necessary steps in love I will never know...

Did I tell you where I was? No, of course not. My memory plays me tricks. Time is something strange. It doesn't help the minutes and hours counts by sixty, nothing can help it. This sand around me, I crave for water now, I crave for him like I crave for water. A thirst no one can understand except him, my sweet angel.

I made it to the cavern now, and crawl near the source, finally some water... a bottle of "witch", not the beautifullest, but as I brush its side, something happen, woosh! a small angel comes out and tells me "3 wishes for the lady, old as they are named, no time left, you should spill the wicked spell".

Surprised at first, I come to realise the childish song is made for me, something strange calls to my heart and guts and i make one attempt "will you get my love back?"

"Yes if it is your first wish, I gladly will offer that to you" woosh!!! Back in time, in his arms... purrs!

To be continued!
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