jeudi 30 avril 2015

March souvenir #PicturePromptChallenge By DebraDML wonderful souvenir!

This lady is a bless and if i hadn't already add a page for this (or if i did) please i bow and amend!
bless you, Debra! with all my love and appreciation.

#PicturePromptChallenge by Sabine



Enlightenment, enchantment, thin in the air
a tremor of whiteness, dazzlingly bright
Something sweet, whispering an ancient spell
the most adventurous would slacken their pace
One step over the threshold,
designed in bloody ink
One second of your life was a lifetime,
no redhooded little girl playing fancy games
Her recognition of danger was a mere thought,
she lost her mind and soul
A tremble against the wind of hate
she let it all go to reborn
Drag the man here little enchantress,
come over the threshold little temptress
Bring him over ecstasy with one single glance,
desire coursing along his way
Waking up from her dream
Venus delighted in the new scenery
An old charm was her spell
freed from the man she once loved
….. her chrysalid was her nightmare in a redhood.
© Sabine (2015)
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Miscellaneous poetic tweets

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Other posts on tweets! roll dice and enjoy!

taking time, no pressure, blind to pain
blind to love, midst state, midst feelings
what's in there beside pain and struggle?
A box where i threw my thoughts
A little box of wonder when i was a little girl
A big box of pain, come the adult times
Would you consider dark and hollow
the moment you shared around wine and good food
transformed in a nightmare in a split second


A sweet bunny came into view
hop hop it's there, chocolate and fantasy
he coursed you around the table
eat me!

I need to stay away
no will, no whim
quiet in the fields
let the war inside subside
let the sun fill me with wonder
youth is anything

i denied my needs
i denied hers
let it go into the wind
war is inside for good
peace is adulthood

#NaPoWriMo2015 day 6 my attempt and participation for my friend in poetry DebraDML

Read Debra first by clicking on this link, please!!

I produce here only my poem, because i didn't ask any authorisation to reproduce Debra poem in here (not because i don't want to!!! just because i add my own poems mostly here :)) plenty of hugs to Debra to have invited me. She is a bless of a friend. <3<3<3

Serenade me in the morning
Moaning moaning from morning to evening
Rhyme and rhythm are your prerogatives
Let’s give it a try for enchantment

There is some kind of magic
Your hands are tied to music
Your thoughts focussed on the dance
One foot after an another

You lose balance in your demands
Serenade me each morning
I got you under my spell
Rhythm is your name

Will has no power with me
Seemlessly shameless
I dig into your song
Serenade you all along

Serenade me through the evening
Never relenting on my needs
You know yours will be fulfilled
When the big L will hit home

Aubade is my second name
Warm till it burns
Undeniably wrong
Serenade was lost

Moaning moaning each day was heaven
But serenade got it all and threw away
The enchantment crossed my heart in shape
I let you go for better songs
© Sabsam (2015)

PS: i just realised i copied myself with another poem i wrote elsewhere... does it count as plagiarism? ;)

Sins disguised (#twitter 19/04/2015) - no comment

There is sin between her and me
She knows where to bite
She knows where to blow
I can't escape her spell
Never go unnoticed
She is my sis

At times I push her back
Too much to handle
She entices my questioning
Still there
She is my most precious friend
My sin undisguised

I never intended to go this low
I wonder at times if it is right
I smile and turn my back
She is there to make it high
Relief pours love

I still struggle at times
Her sin is bright and shining
Beautifully streamed
I love her and can't tell her
My nemesis in sin

How do I tell her I am in conflict?
When my instincts call for more sin
When my inner Angel calls for inferno?

I still have dark shades of love and thunder
Rolling like fears nag at my soul
Will it be too much to ask for a release
Wet and warm of a kind

How do I tell her?
Her sins are mine
I am in her spell for good
The spanking wouldn't be enough
To call back my inner Angel...

Deus Machina, twitter 140 characters - today

In the deus machina scheme
She was all for cuts and bruises 
Feeling the metallic cold
Wash the insanity forward

Sabine789 a ajouté, text is mine image from Antinomian (RT), i really love such images, much more interesting than porn pictures!!
Morgan Hunter @MH_Author

Bond #twitter 140 characters 29/04/2015

Sabine789 a retweeté Antinomian

They had this bond 
Precious in the grey background 
Love is everywhere 
Time inhibited 
She for she 

Memory #PoetryInMotion - Mémoire #PoésieEnMouvement --- French/English translated

Image sujet : Mémoire

J'ai rejoint un groupe FB où est proposé chaque semaine une photo et un mot à rappeler dans chaque poème. Il sert de lien et de thème à la proposition. J'ai eu énormément de lecteurs ici pour la version Anglaise, je voudrais essayer de proposer une version française lisible ;) Merci encore à tous mes lecteurs d'où qu'ils viennent! J'en connais quelques-unes de France, vous vous reconnaîtrez! bisous les miss!
J'ai voulu que chaque vers soit en peu de mots, donc en français attention les yeux, je ne sais pas ce que ça peut donner!

Chemins suivis
Étrange main d'homme
Abîme féminin
Suaves et indécentes courbes
Mémoire perdue
Amours cheminant
Poussés au travers du portail
Pensées en voyage temporel
Pas de repos avant le saut
Mémoire sans frontières
Charmes anciens
Découvrant l'Enfer
Touchant, aimant, fuyant
Vie simple au-delà
Laisser l'amour à distance
Précipité encore et encore
Sur des murs de bétons
Bondissant dans l'éternité
Ne pas laisser de message
Ne laisser personne derrière soi
Jouer à qui perd gagne
Nier ses propres exigences
Rien ne peut être changé
Quand l'Amour se meurt

(oh la la!! j'adore cette version aussi, pas vous? :))

Picture Prompt : Memory

Hello everyone, here is my tentative on this wonderful picture and prompt in the facebook group (public) i am blessed to be part of, #PoetryInMotion .
Enjoy! and plenty of hugs for all the readers here too!! If i believed in God, i would send blesses to everyone!!

Followed paths
Strange man hand
Feminine void
Sultry indecent curves
Lost memory
Alleys of love
Pushed over the threshold
Mind molded for time travel
No rest in the opening
Memory crossing borders
Ancient spell
Discovering Hell
Touching loving dissolving
Simple life far away
Distant love from yourself
Precipitated over and over
On walls of concrete
Bouncing in eternity
Let no message
No attendant in the place
Play treats or tricks
Toss away your needs
Nothing can be done
Against the death of love


@Sabsam789 (twitter)

this isn't my usual style of writing, i hope it works, i don't want to change a word ;) 

dimanche 19 avril 2015

Poetry in motion 2 - Melody

Here is my submission with "Picture Prompt", suggested by Sharon R Johnson & "Word Prompt' - MELODY, suggested by Shawn D. Standfast

Mellow melody

I heard the feeling right
A shaped form of delight
It went there after a long time of wait
Precise as a sharp fate

I heard the song before he said a word
Nothing could be done to avoid the sword
My head span with the tempo of his soul
One last time music was sold to fools

Did you pick up for good the rhythm
Would you let go of such mellow scheme
No you would slaughter it for dear life
Precious lines of love and lust designed by a knife

He is the knight of the night under My rain
Dancing like a fool for the lost souls in pain
Let him move to the beat so gently
It will caress your soul for a time, wonderly

Poem following a read i did yesterday in French (translated French/English)

Je me sens bousculée, émue, bougée,
infiniment troublée
ce spasme imprévu avant la mort,

la vie qui coule sans distinction
flash intérieur moqueur,
de ce manque indélébile,
ta peau, 

ma peau,
jouant l'exquise...
volupté sereine si effrénée,

laisses-moi décider du moment
laisses-moi écouter son souffle pressant

un battement, deux, si précieux
laisse faire l'âme

et doucement
ces ailes oublient

le vol planant


I feel pushed, knocked, moved,
Infinitely troubled

Unforeseen spasm before death
Life which flows without distinction
Derisive internal flash
Of this indelible lack,

Your skin,
My skin,
Playing the exquisite

Serene sensual delight into the wild,
Let me decide on the moment

Let me listen to its pressing breath
One beating, two, so precious
Let the soul decide
And slowly

Its wings forget
Said smoothing flight


I am part of a new group (and facebook now), called "poetry in motion" lovely people out there and i posted my first post as follow, with a picture prompt reproduced here too.
Thanks to Debra DML and Shawn D. Standfast to have invited and welcomed me.

(i can't post the link to this, sorry, i don't think it's allowed in FB! pff :(( my bad or i am really still a newbee at it, which i am!)


She wandered here and there
Knowing nothing from her past or future
Stepped in the middle of the forest
Till everything became a blur
Would you think she called for it?
Strength and love was all she needed
The big bear was out for nothing
She got out if there in trancelike state
Love was her bliss

Thankful post

Hello everyone, what did happen to my little nest... I got so much visits, humbling!

A HUGGGGGGEEEE hug and thankful thought to all my readers, thanks a lot. With all my love and appreciation.


lundi 6 avril 2015

Day 3 #Napowrimo challenge

Day 3 "optional prompt! Today I challenge you to write a fourteener. Fourteeners can be have any number of lines, but each line should have fourteen syllables. Traditionally, each line consisted of seven iambic feet (i.e., an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable, times seven), but non-iambic fourteeners also exist. The fourteener was popular in 16th and 17th century England, where it was particular common in ballads, but it also is the form in which “Casey at the Bat” is written. The form is versatile enough to encompass any subject matter, but as the example of “Casey at the Bat” shows us, it is particularly useful in narrative poetry, due to the long line and the step-like sense of progression created by the iambs."

I will add a comment on this one, i have absolutely no idea what this poem is, i should run a search... may i remind i am not native english but i will give it a (short!) try no matter what... enjoy!


Fell first, fell for, feel free, feel it through the veins of his heart

Vines swirling sweetness, this taste likes precious gold

Would you twirl it four times in your mouth for good measure?

Let it glisten silently in your heart, blissful times...


If you count it differently, tell me. though it was fun to try it.

#NaPoWriMo challenge day 2 (not in order)

Day 2 : "Our (as always, optional) prompt, provided to us by NaPoWriMo participant Carla Jones. Today, I challenge you to take your gaze upward, and write a poem about the stars. You may find inspiration in this website that lists constellations, while also providing information on the myths associated with each one, as well as other salient information. Your poem could be informed by those myths or historical details, by the shapes or names of the constellations, or by childhood memories of seeing them. Any form or style will do." from website

I will catch up and be on time!! soon...
Enjoy !

Venus beauty

This one intended to my sizzling personal star
shining brightly above our head
she makes all of us blind with wits
nothing can compare to her bids

Venus call us her pets
she sometimes enjoy a few plays
hiding behind the warm sun, her master
you can count on her to betray you

Day 4 #NaPoWriMo (not in order...)

Inspiration of the moment don't play by the rules, so here is day 4 with this prompt :
"write a loveless poem", I am not sure it meets the rules but here is my submission.

Decency down, guard unguarded, guardian discarded
You ought to know it
Little are the ones without it
High sky is doubtfully where you should look at
As you will only find it inside
You should subtly forget the easy way to get it
You should describe it with the utmost respect
You should let it go in time when less it begins to get
You should forget all rules when you catch it
You should listen, listen, listen
There it is, I got you for good
You found my lost beloved socks!

dimanche 5 avril 2015

#NaPoWriMo challenge day one

After a few months needed to settle down a bit in a new place and start a new project of writing in poetry, I come back here with a good reason and new motivation! Here comes April and the sun, let's celebrate eggs party with this poem.

So here it is based on the "optional prompt. Today’s prompt is a poem of negation – yes (or maybe, no), I challenge you to write a poem that involves describing something in terms of what it is not, or not like. For example, if you chose a whale as the topic of your poem, you might have lines like “It does not settle down in trees at night, cooing/Nor will it fit in your hand.” from Maureen Thorson's website.

I came across this website thanks to Debra from website blog, many thanks to her to have shared this with me.

Enjoy everyone.


Egg is not what you think, melted mess when broken
Egg is not made of stone, butter like when fondled softly
You whisper in the flour sweet words, when the eggs come tumbling down
Swiftly making small glue masses in white snow

Egg is more than you think, a nestle for life
Egg is less than you think, yellow glow
Would you break it now for your pleasure
or wait for an amenable time to fry it definitively in a pan?

Egg is not what you think, don't you think?
Easter went in and did his joyous mess
Hunt and fun for kids in the park
Remembrance and sadness for the others

Egg is not what I think, opening the gates
Of what I need to be inside, chocolate and sugar
For sure, I will melt them in a blink of an eye
Egg party has begun in my courtyard