dimanche 19 avril 2015

Poetry in motion 2 - Melody

Here is my submission with "Picture Prompt", suggested by Sharon R Johnson & "Word Prompt' - MELODY, suggested by Shawn D. Standfast

Mellow melody

I heard the feeling right
A shaped form of delight
It went there after a long time of wait
Precise as a sharp fate

I heard the song before he said a word
Nothing could be done to avoid the sword
My head span with the tempo of his soul
One last time music was sold to fools

Did you pick up for good the rhythm
Would you let go of such mellow scheme
No you would slaughter it for dear life
Precious lines of love and lust designed by a knife

He is the knight of the night under My rain
Dancing like a fool for the lost souls in pain
Let him move to the beat so gently
It will caress your soul for a time, wonderly
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