jeudi 3 juillet 2014

Lace challenge and additional poem (new)

Hi hi everyone, I was invited to participate to a challenge of poetry, and lucky as i am, i came to read wonderful poets there.

The only way to thank SJ is to make this special.

First of all, go there :
Just enjoy the beautiful words!!

Second, I may try an additional piece of writing on the same subject, for those who were kind enough to read till there and, also to be thankful towards SJ and all the poets who wrote kind comments on my text.

Delights for lace

Laces of joy, a venue for glistening thoughts
I was digging into the depth of your heart
and realized you were a stone in disguise
unmovable unbreakable unbelievable

I delighted into your eyes
Your words were my destruction
I moved you into submission
Undenying you any future

Laces of fate, an attraction you broke
For your safety, I let it go
One more kiss, and it was over
One moment of closeness, and I will forget you

My heart broken into laces
Will submit to your strength
I will let go the years
White hair and weakness my future

        When did I decide to let you go away with my laces?

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