jeudi 3 juillet 2014

twitter crazyness with a friend

Sensuality in emergency
A flying bird of love
You came around for more
A small cry and you frightened your love
Not knowing where bodies begin or ended
Your hand, now mine, oh such a bliss
No demise of such dereliction
This is my election
Hip hop for a pas-de-deux
Passionnata, mingling bodies
Craving for a touch
Your chemistry is mine
For a tango love
Leap for love and untangle me
I lose stance for a dance
No words needed
Hands play sweetly all night long
Points counted
what to expect but dance
little or no help
I lost sanity for a fallen heart
No coming back my love
New stance for a sentence
To love and more
Will i give it a try
For an amazing guy
We shall go on Picture this!
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