samedi 18 janvier 2014


Sally sadly so defended herself,
Violently shaking her heart,
There was no mistake,
He won the battle.
He couldn't deny her the will,
She packed herself for good measure,
One coup on the top,
Her heart breathed again in his embrace!
Lovely bytes in enclosed glass
So little space for kisses and embrace
Tempting vapourous alcohol
Drowned into surrender of love
Sally never thought an innocent play
Would lead her heart to such treasure
Delivering dilluted thoughts
Over played sanity
The wind blew over her
She let the morning polarize
No polar weather could defeat her resolve
Sally knew what was best for her
Like a sense of déjà-vu
Sally waited till the last moment
Not knowing what future had in store
Buying her a story of dreams and tales

PS it can be read as miscellaneous text or as a unique one, i guess, all published on twitter.
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