vendredi 31 janvier 2014

Pieces and love (twitter)

Will never fade till consumption
Will gives me strength over drunken needs
Will empowers me with words and insights
Will kicks ass,mine too

Dominant needs, no better saying
Will it work for the good
Or take me down to despair?
No choice but to leave it
To trompets of joy or dark

Fading memories, fading friends,
It comes to an end without warning,
No suppliers, no definitive words,
An overwhelming absence to cry over.

Were you there for me,
On some lonely world,
We were there in the heat of the moment,
Nothing more than a wish of vanity.

Dominant thoughts vanishing into wine oblivion,
Will you take me down and bent,
My will is there in your laps,
No meaning is worth a lie.

Blissful domination, adoration,
Delicate intriguing delice of blows,
Soft red marks of love,
Sin is getting the best of me.

Delightful virgin, she let him,
Chaos of thrills and cries,
Haphazardly melted in a charm of bliss,
Handing delights of definitive knots.

Lies living up to my expectations,
I was waiting for the big void,
Your absence has such meaning,
I am not waiting anymore,
New friends came.

Fairy thoughts of friends vanishing,
Others taking their places,
Sources of desire lost,
I surrender to new worlds of joy.

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