samedi 25 janvier 2014

Old story

how does it come silence becomes unbearable noise?
how does it come noise becomes impossible choice?
one thought of undone desire, a mess in our life,
a longing for attention, exclusive to others,
an ultimate call before the end.
nothing can happen when chemistry is only in words
a so called lust for rhymes hurting so much
bare in your hands, like never in others,
time to move over has come,
I give you back to the unknown history
no fight, no commiseration,
love is long gone,
twenty years with an obsession
your skin under my thumb
did you ever meant any love
or interest only was your guide?
this scheme seems overplayed
but then a constant in my life
misery over longing
past phantoms of my pride
I dare you now to come and sank
your heart is mine
everlasting perfection
in eternity you are drowned
I forget now your name
and let you go into oblivion.
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