dimanche 10 mai 2015

Poetry in Motion : Imagination

In a day far away
2034 means more of nothing
Little flies in my head night and day
Bugging me to get in gear diving

Nothing worse than imagination
Let the old hot-air balloon fly
This distant cycle within my fear of motion
In the confine of my emotion space high

Counting hours before dawn
Tick tack tick tack
I fought against all odds a yawn
Her beauty wasn't in my back

Climbing mountains over the rainbow
I basked in the seconds of love
Do i need to recall bowing out the dove
I let my mind follow her sorrow

She was my unique goal
My precious bridge to sanctity
I cancelled all the sagged souls in my household
To get the final touch of my fear with no dignity


(sabsam789 10/05/2015)

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