samedi 2 novembre 2013

cages and miscellaneous (still antinomian pics as a principle)

a golden cage hung in the air,
no escape, no run,
a round circle of dreams and thoughts never ending,
a lifetime of dance and fantasy for one solely watcher.

dark winds,
vampire needle over your desire,
keep the distance from danger,
she will strip you till you die.

Absinthium, etheral form enclosed in a bottle,
Prosthesys for lost souls,
the alcoohol will drown your lady.
Framed by surreality,
she can't get out of this scheme,
she can't avoid her fate.

A witch for lost souls,
led me in the lamp of desire,
i got mesmerized by the beauty of its sword,
he vowed he could slice my heart into peaces,
no one cared to deliver me from its beasties,
and now i am his lamp of enlightment,
his desire to explore,
nothing more than a flash in his life.

oct-nov 2013
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