vendredi 27 décembre 2013

Angel of light

This one was for me...
My huge thanks to Antinomian for providing all this past months so beautiful pictures.
  • Part1 
          Angel of light, you came in my life in the most unexpected ways.
          Surrounded by suitcases, you bring your past and your failures.
          I welcome you in my world of fantasy,
          the nineteenth century, sometimes old, sometimes brightful.
  • Part2 

    You don't need anymore to wear this painted veil on your lovely visage, 
    brush it out with fainted joy, 
    please be sweet at heart and revive this poor little heart of mine...

  • Part3 

    I saw in your eyes the bliss of the first morning sun on which we met,
    your flower came to life under its gentle touch, 
    whispering never ending love and illusion of light.

  • Part4 

    Will you stay and pray for my soul? 
    Some lovers need more than a wish to make it worth a try. 
    Please lady, dream a dream of happiness for me and make it your own.
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